Meet The Team


A great company is only as great as their team. From the folks who fix your leaking faucet all the way up the line to our Human Resources Team, there are many different faces that make up our company. Our phone representatives take the calls, our marketing employees make our dreams into realities, and our servicemen fix both residential and commercial maintenance issues. We are a service-based business, and therefore people are at the core of what we do. We invest time and effort into our people as we would any other tool of the trade. When you call in, you will receive unparalleled support.

We train our employees to conduct themselves in a manner that benefits both you and our company. While we push them to always put the customer first, we also understand that employees cannot work well unless they feel that the work is worthwhile. Therefore, the effort put in by our employees is rewarded, both with site-wide recognition and with physical rewards. When they are happy, you are happy.

Additionally, we encourage corporate openness. What this means is that we want them to feel as though they have say in how the company is run. Through the use of staff surveys and appraisals, we listen to their concerns and make changes to address them.

We also encourage our clients to participate in staff growth. We want to hear when a client has done an exceptional job, or when the service you have received was beyond what you had expected of a maintenance company. In the same respect, we also want to know where staff can make improvements. If you experience a problem or are victim to less-than savory customer service, please let us know. Our corporate openness encourages participation on all levels of business operation, and employee feedback helps us help others better.

So, whether you need your air conditioning fixed, your Dubai villa cleaned, or need your plumbing serviced, our team of dedicated staff members is here to help you out. Call Renovo today to learn more about our services and experience true customer service dedication firsthand.

Renovo is always looking for new members to add to our growing family. If you think you have a skill that would be an asset to our team, please send us your CV and we would be happy to review it. We look forward to speaking with potential new Renovo members.